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Sara Felushko

Sara Felushko

Deeply held beliefs  about yourself  and others develop out of  life’s traumatic and painful experiences. Out of those limiting beliefs come patterns of thinking and acting that work against  the dreams and goals you have for your life.  (Yes, even I do this!  Sara)

Sara Felushko draws on her education,  marriage, parenting and ministry experience to help her clients  learn to identify the limiting beliefs and develop healthy successful strategies for their life.

Her counselling is holistic, compassionate, and person-centered. It is collaborative in nature, with the client and therapist participating as equal partners in both goal-setting and working together to reach those goals. She uses an integrative approach to counselling focusing on developing mutuality and compassion.

She draws from Compassionate Communication – based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, cognitive behavioural therapy as used by Dr. David Burns, and interpersonal neurobiology by Dr. Dan Siegel. When requested she uses the principles of pastoral counselling.

Goals of Therapy

Therapeutic goals are set collaboratively with the client. Some common goals are increased self-awareness, improved communication skills, improved relationships, increased self-esteem, improved mood, positive lifestyle changes, improved problem solving and decision making, etc.

After therapy, her clients report a shorter return to set point when moods rise and fall and increased ability to talk with their teen children and other family members. They have learned how to express their observations and recommended strategies to superiors at work. And to understand their own core values as they discover methods to live in harmony with those values.

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She has conducted numerous workshops and retreats and have been a keynote speaker at events both large and small in Canada, the U.S., Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, the Philippines and Greece.  She is passionate about marriage and family and believes that it is possible for anyone to have life-long relationships with spouse and children (regardless of age) that are mutually respectful, intimate, need-meeting and therefore immensely fulfilling!

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Sarabeth Felushko, B. Ed. (Elementary & Special Education)  RPC   MPCC