November 27, 2021 | 1:02 am
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Sara Felushko

Discouraged by life’s journey? Angry with yourself? Heart weary with loss and grief? Or just in need of an emotional reset?

Invest in your own peace of mind. Heal your broken heart with God. 

Is Journey to HOPE for you? 

Ages 16++ years old. Men, Women, University & HS Students from 16 to 83 yrs old share in their own Journey to HOPE.  Its deep, yet accessible to all, even if English is not their first language.

 Registration includes:

1  Hot off the press! NEW Easy Read edition! Journey to HOPE Workbook and Workshop Summary.

2  Free access to the  (password protected) J2H online audio teaching & powerpoint taught by Brian and Sara Felushko.

As we work to change our lives through faith, we are not all instantly delivered from the pain of abandonment, the scars of abuse, the fears, the resentments, the heartbreaks–all the unresolved issues that come from living in a world of unfulfilled expectations and broken relationships.

Many believers in Jesus seek to deal with past hurts with destructive patterns like addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, self-harm, shame, anger and harmful relationships. Believers often keep past hurts secret because we have not been OKAY with them not being OKAY. Whether you have been a Christian for 3 weeks or 3 decades, are estranged from Christianity, struggling with life, experiencing crisis, or counselling the masses – Journey to HOPE is for you!

“Caring Resources is pleased to announce that Sara Felushko, R.P.C. MPCC has been authorized to conduct the HOPE Workshop. HOPE is currently being utilized in India, Nepal, Kenya, the Philippines as well as the United States. Caring Resources anticipates great response to this addition of Canada and the western United States by Mrs. Felushko.” Farrar Moore & Sheryl Cook –